Split Core Current Transformer Distributor Also Offers eGauge Meters

Aim Dynamics, a split core current transformer distributor, proudly offers the revolutionary eGauge meters. With the help of this device, monitoring power usage has become easier than ever.

Unlike traditional metering products, the eGauge system utilizes the power of the Internet to let users monitor systems no matter where they are as long as they have a device that has online capabilities. The system has three parts: the eGauge main unit, the current transformers, and a home adaptor.



Best Practices: Taking Measurements with a Sound DC Current Sensor

Whether your equipment just finished a measurement earlier this morning or it is fresh out of the box, always assume that there is something wrong with it. Carefully inspect your equipment for any loose wires, worn-down insulation, etc. As they say, it’s better to be safe than sorry.

In the event that you do find something wrong with your equipment, you’ll need to buy a replacement. Whether you need new DC or replacement AC current sensors, or any other type of equipment, make sure you only deal with reputable suppliers like Aim Dynamics. A trusted supplier will have a vast selection of equipment that is sure to suit your needs.


Power Line Repair Safety Tips: Using a Reliable DC Current Transformer

Before any job, test your equipment. Malfunctioning electrical equipment is a massive electrocution risk. With that in mind, be sure to inspect your equipment carefully for peeling wiring and other forms of damage, particularly equipment you use often such as your reliable DC current transformer.

If you feel a tingling sensation when working with a piece of equipment, stop working immediately and ask for replacement equipment. In the event that you need to purchase a new DC voltage transducer or any other piece of equipment, be sure to deal only with reputable suppliers like Aim Dynamics. This assures you that you’ll be receiving both quality equipment and quality service.


Adapting a New Flexible Current Transformer in a Data Center’s Grid

A data center is one of the prime assets a medium or large company may have. However, something’s amiss when part of its machinery breaks down and compromises your information as a result. Part of the power solutions may include erecting a new flexible current transformer set-up with support from a company such as Aim Dynamics.

Flexible current transformers or FCT are fundamentally the same as split-core current transformers in the sense that they do not have to physically tap directly inside a circuit. The most prominent feature of an FCT is that the Rogowski coils are soft – making them easier to install in areas with little room – and they are wrapped in colored linings.


Using a Quality Split Core Current Transformer for Submetering Work

In an age of environmental consciousness, it’s easy to overlook the consequences of leaving the power on all day even when nobody’s home. As such, you must act to curtail the unnecessary power usage and figure out where savings are possible. Installing a sturdy split core current transformer (CT) like those sold by Aim Dynamics can be a step in that direction.

Split-core CTs are small devices designed to measure the current flow of a primary conduit without having to rewire. The device’s centerpiece is a magnetic core wrapped with thousands of secondary windings. The output is typically a low current or low voltage. Mounting harnesses are sometimes set up after attaching the transformer over the conducting wire. However, most units work perfectly fine by simply dangling from the primary conductor.