DC Current Transducer Products: New, Upgraded Hall Effect Technology


Any type of current flow creates a proportional magnetic field, and DC current transducer products measure this generated field using Hall Effect technology. Hall Effect is defined as the generation of a magnetic field perpendicular to the current and a voltage difference across an electrical conductor transverse to an electrical current in the conductor. This article discusses how Hall Effect devices work, their limitations, and how they can be improved.

Understanding Hall Effect devices

A Hall Effect-based transducer, such as the one contained in a RōCoil TCA-5-HV-KIT, is generally composed of a signal conditioning circuitry, a core, and a Hall Effect device.



Aim Dynamics Introduces Its New Split Core Current Transformer eGauge


Are you looking for a split core current transformer with excellent performance? Aim Dynamics is introducing the eGauge Meter 3-Rope CT Kit 1% Accuracy, a power monitoring meter which measures electric power, and depending on how many registers you select, is capable of recording up to 30 years’ worth of data within its internal memory.

The eGauge is outfitted with a solid state memory, data logger, and a webserver with all three as part of a single device. It contains three voltage input channels which allows it to monitor single-phase systems and three-phase systems.


Flexible Current Transformer Seller Offers Power TakeOff Cellular Kit



Flexible current transformer distributor Aim Dynamics is proud to announce that it now offers Power TakeOff Cellular Kit Monthly Services to help its customers monitor energy consumption more systematically.

Aim Dynamics has always strived to deliver great value to its consumers by supplying them with supreme quality materials to aid in the management of efficient energy consumption. One of the most recent additions to its array of power monitoring products is the Power TakeOff Cellular Kit + Service.


AC and DC Current Sensor Distributor Now Offers The RōCoil TCA-5-HV-KIT

As a split core transformer, flexible transformer, and AC and DC current sensor distributor, Aim Dynamics is always excited to carry the latest power monitoring equipment on the market. That’s why the company is proud to announce the addition of the 5A Rope Kit with High Voltage Power Transformer – RōCoil TCA-5-HV-KIT to its product line which will allow users to take advantage of the broad current range and easy installation offered by the RoCoil Flex Probe CTs.

As a three-channel integrating transconductance amplifier (TCA), the RoCoil TCA-5 converts the 131mV/1000A electrical output signal from the RoCoil current sensor to a 5 amp AC current, thus emulating a traditional current sensing transformer. It is factory-calibrated to work with DENT RoCoil CTs (131mV/1000A).


Flexible Current Transformers: Better Energy Efficiency with eGauge

Energy monitoring can lead to energy savings. This, in turn, can lead to benefits for the bottom line and the environment. Flexible current transformer suppliers like Aim Dynamics can provide you with the energy monitoring tools you need to track your electricity consumption. One of the company’s most revered products, the eGauge, can help you identify, plan, and execute energy-saving measures in a systematic way.

What is the eGauge?

The eGauge is a stand-alone product that can reduce the power usage of a commercial or residential property. It can be integrated with certain systems if you want to take your energy savings to the next level.

The Right AC or DC Current Sensor for Measuring Power Consumption

A current of five amps is common in power adaptors for laptops, which also usually operate at 12 volts. Thanks to digital metering made possible by modern AC and DC current sensor technology, charges have become smaller and less expensive. Split-core sensors operate around the milliamp range, as opposed to solid-core ones.

Split-core sensors are ideal for measuring ACs, given their nature of changing currents often. Despite operating at a measly 333 mV, they’re rated to measure inputs of up to 1,500 amps depending on the diameter of the measuring field. The good thing about this is that, at such low voltages, there’s a low risk of shock or arcing.

The 4-20 mA Current Loop Explained: How a DC Current Transformer Helps

A simple 4-20 mA current loop consists of four parts: a DC power supply, a two-wire transmitter, a receiver resistor, and RWire. Unlike alternating current (AC), which changes all the time, direct current (DC) is consistent. Unless the loop uses a three-wire DC current transformer, the system may not recognize changes in current flow while in AC power.

The three-wire variant can hold its own in a voltage drop. The amount of voltage lost is relative to the length of the wire; the longer the wire, the more voltage lost. According to the National Electric Code, voltage drops must be no more than 3 percent of circuit voltage from the breaker box. Otherwise, operators risk pushing an appliance to its breaking point due to lack of current.