DC Current Transformer Supplier Now Offers Measurlogic Meter Products

Aim Dynamics, a supplier of DC current transformer and other power monitoring equipment, partners with Measurlogic to offer our customers the DTS-310 Energy Sub-meter.


Measurlogic Flexible Current Transformer Now Available at Aim Dynamics

As Colorado’s leading supplier of power monitoring software, Aim Dynamics has always been the premier choice of businesses for our high quality products, affordable prices, and on-time delivery. We are known widely as the number one distributor for products like current sensor, flexible current transformer, and split core transformer. To ensure that our customers get only the best, we have improved our services by offering quality products through our new business partnership with Measurlogic.
Measurlogic is an American manufacturer of energy-efficient Smart Revenue Grade Electrical Energy Sub-Meters and Practical Data Acquisition Systems. Through this partnership, Measurlogic meters will now be available at Aim Dynamics including one of the best flexible current transformers in the market, the DTS-310 Line Powered 3 Phase Energy Sub-Meter. We offer the DTS-310 Energy Sub-Meter with a 3-rope kit of RCT-1800-000 Magnelab Rope CT AC current sensors.

Split Core Current Transformer Seller Now Has Measurlogic in Store

We at Aim Dynamics have recently partnered with Measurlogic, and we’re glad to inform you that we now have its Measurlogic DTS-310 in store as the latest addition to our array of quality split core current transformer, current and voltage sensors, and transducers. We’re offering this sub-meter in package with 3 Magnelab Revenue Grade AC Current Sensor SCT-075R.

Measurlogic DTS 310 is a Class 2, single/three phase sub-meter of revenue grade. It supports communication interfaces, electronic data transfer, and data storage. The NET metering measures bi-directional energy flows, and features a security mechanism that protects it, and detects tampering. The visible energy consumption display will help you read departmental energy consumption and monitor surges in the energy usage of your equipment.

Efficiency Tech Giant Joins Top AC and DC Current Sensor Supplier

Top Colorado power monitoring equipment distributor, Aim Dynamics, recently entered into a partnership with energy efficiency technology manufacturer, Measurlogic. Measurlogic’s DTS-310 energy sub-meter can now be purchased via Aim Dynamics’s online store, in addition to its line of premium-grade dc current sensor, ac current sensor, voltage transformers, power meters, and accessories. The aim of the said partnership is for the product to reach a broader market with Aim Dynamics’s speedy logistics.
Aim Dynamics prides itself in being a one-stop-shop that sells the most advanced power monitoring equipment at competitive prices. It serves industrial, residential and commercial clients across the U.S. It also sells software intended to help power industry consultants in minimizing their client’s commercial electricity bills.