Current Sensing Benefits for LED Systems

Light Emitting Diodes, or LEDs, are the latest and best in the world of industrial lighting. An accelerating transition to these high energy-efficient devices has been changing the landscape of luminaries design on a global scale. In fact, LEDs are already prevalent in the products you buy and in the space you live, work, and play.

Despite their high efficiency, LEDs still need monitoring and current sensing devices to ensure they continue to function at an optimal level. Think about the LED lighting systems used in airports, tunnels, and industrial complexes. Think of the utter chaos and disorder that can occur if these systems fail. The measurement of current in these systems provides essential information so that users can take the necessary preventive or corrective steps appropriate for the situation.

LED failure detection

The simple addition of an AC or DC current sensing device in an LED circuit provides a signal to a relay to automatically turn a back-up light on in case of failure. Modern current sensing devices are designed for quick and easy installation for existing lighting systems.

Preventive maintenance

High-tech LED systems are expensive. As such, their useful life should be taken full advantage of. By installing a current sensor, you can determine your system’s condition, and by integrating intelligent control devices, you can adjust the applied current or voltage to optimize the life of your LED systems.


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