Current Sensing and Industrial Automation

Industrial automation is a great way for businesses to cut down their operations costs. By allowing machines to complete menial tasks on their own, without supervision, and with a high degree of reliability, automation eliminates the various costs associated with retaining a worker to do the same thing—including labor, human resources, and damages for unintended errors. Continue reading


Monitoring the Alt Energy Revolution

With the negative effects of climate change—stronger storms, colder winters, hotter summers—becoming more and more visible, the utilization of renewable energy sources is becoming more and more commonplace. In Germany, for example, solar energy has become one of the top sources of electricity in the country.

Besides the greater emphasis on using renewable energy sources, there is also a movement toward the decentralization of power production. Given the scalability and portability of many potential alternative energy sources, this has become a reality in countries where a shift to alternative energy is being encouraged. Continue reading

Don’t Open-circuit a CT’s Secondary Winding

When measuring or monitoring the amount of current passing through a transmission line, an ammeter—a device that measures electric currents—is connected to the primary conductor (transmission line) via a current transformer (CT). A CT reduces the amount of current flowing through the primary conductor to protect the measuring instrument. The CT, in turn, is connected to the measuring instrument via a secondary winding. Continue reading

How a Current Transformer Transforms Electricity

You’ve probably seen one of those hollow circular devices that enclose transmission lines and are connected by smaller wires to an electrical measuring device, particularly an ammeter. This device, known as a current transformer or current sensor, protects ammeters from power overload by reducing dangerous amounts of current flowing through a power line to more tolerable levels as it enters the measuring device. Continue reading